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This page contains an on-going compilation of my favorite astronomy sites from the World Wide Web where I have learned pratically eveything I know about telescopes and astrophotography.

Hope you like them as much as I do.



  • K3CCDTools
    • Freeware by Peter Katreniak, this freeware  program is excellent for imaging with webcams.
  • Astrovideo
  • Registax
    • Freeware for alignment/stacking/processing of images by Cor Berrevoets
  • iMerge
    •  Freeware by Jon Grove, small (40k) program to easily create large and accurate image mosaics.
  • AstroStack
    •  Freeware by R. J. Stekelenburgh
  • Iris
    •  Freeware by Christian Buil
  • Irfanview
    •  Freeware by Irfan Skiljan
  • Vega
    •  Freeware by Colin F. Bownes
  • Teleauto
    •  Freeware by Philippe Martinole
  • CCDcalc
    •  Freeware by Ron Wodaski
  • Maxim
  • Astroplanner
    • Freeware by Paul Rodman. Allows observation planning/logging and telescope alignment star selection with control of a computerised go-to telescope
  • ImagesPlus
    •  Image processing software









  • Astronomy: From the Earth to the Universe
    • Author: Jay M. Passachoff. Sixth Edition. Published by Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning -Wadsworth Groupters on the past and the future of the universe and the astronomy.
  • The New CCD Astronomy
    • Author: Ron Wodaski. New Astronomy Press.
    • How to cpture the stars with a CCD camera in your backyard.
  • The Cambridge Photographic Guide to the Planets
    • Author: F.W. Taylor. Cambridge University Press.
  • Introdução à Astronomia e às Observações Astronómicas
    • Author: Máximo Ferreira e Guilherme de Almeida. 6ª Edição, Plátano Edições Técnicas.
  • As Leis do Céu - Astronomia e Civilizações Antigas
    • Author: Juan António Belmonte, Mareantes Editora
  • Telescópios
    • Author: Guilherme de Almeida, Plátano Editora.
  • Fotografar o Céu
    • Author: Pedro Ré. 1ª Edição, Plátano Edições Técnicas.







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